Bonds Hits 743

Barry Bonds last night hit his 743 homerun of his career, and is 12 homeruns behind the legand Hank Aaron who hit 755  homeruns in his career.   What if Bonds goes past Hank Aaron, has he cheated the game of baseball with all of the steroid talk?  Will baseball give him recognition for his amazing accoplishment if he passes Hank Aaron? My opinion on this matter is that he never got caught actually taking steriods so how can you assume that he did? 

1 thought on “Bonds Hits 743

  1. Taylor,

    How can you say he didnt get caught, he admitted taking them. And the guy put on over 60 lbs. of muscle, when you get older your saposed to loose mass, not gain it. I cant stand the guy, he has in my eyes ruined baseball. People like Ted Williams, Stan Musial, Willie Mays, are no more thought of because they were all natural. Bonds is garbage, i hope they dont count his records at all. How can you have someone who cheated baseball have record like that, Pete rose cant be in the Hall of Fame because he bet against it, Bonds shouldnt be allowed to play!!!

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