Spring Fling

Spring Fling!!! The biggest event at Plymouth state.  Drop Kick Murphys is coming to town this saturday night.  They are a punk rock Irish band.  Spring fling is filled with different events on and off campus such as battle of the bands and the winner of that gets to play the opening act at the concert on Saturday. This should be a fun filled event for the PSU staff and students.

5 thoughts on “Spring Fling

  1. I have never heard of Drop Kick Murphys but, I have heard really good things about them! I hear they are a good time to go see! I wasn't going to buy a spring fling ticket but since my friends did a great job of talking up the band I figured why not! Looks like I'm going to see the Drop Kick Murphys for the first time!

  2. I think it is amazing how many people have not heard of the Dropkicks. I'm pumped because i have never seen them in concert but have been told they put on a great show. They are good entertainers. This will be my first spring fling and i am stoked about it. It is going to be quite a night.

  3. Dropkick is probably one of the biggest names we've had hear, compared to the other ones that i've heard have come in the past. This show should be great.

  4. I saw Dropkick at UMass a few years ago and even though I only knew one song of theirs at the time (Tessie) it was still one of the best concerts I have ever been to. Unfortunatly I can't go this weekend because I have friends coming up and the guestpasses are alreday sold out!

  5. I think that this Spring Fling is going to be absolutely insane. I don't really even know that many Drop Kick songs, but I think that they're a great choice, cause they'll just fit the mood right.

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