Why is it that every single time any of us leave the cafeteria we smell like shit? Not only that, but why is that I find myself sick to my stomache after every single meal? It's pretty raw that we pay almost $9 a meal, for food that a dog wouldn't even touch. And how weak is it that I've heard people refer to the Cafeteria as "the plague."

We walk in to the cafeteria only to see the same old, rotten, hard pizza to the left, followed by rubbery noodles. The salad bar might be the only legit thing in there to eat from. I'm not saying its the employees faults at all, they do their jobs, and they do their best to keep it clean; but someone needs to do something about the lousy food we have to eat, soon.

Bonds Hits 743

Barry Bonds last night hit his 743 homerun of his career, and is 12 homeruns behind the legand Hank Aaron who hit 755  homeruns in his career.   What if Bonds goes past Hank Aaron, has he cheated the game of baseball with all of the steroid talk?  Will baseball give him recognition for his amazing accoplishment if he passes Hank Aaron? My opinion on this matter is that he never got caught actually taking steriods so how can you assume that he did? 

Kobe needs a allstar player

First thing for Kobe...this wouldn't be a problem if he hadn't run Shaq outta town. Even a half-a-Shaq like he is is still a whole lot better than anything the Lakers have now. We'd be taking about the Lakers as championship material then.

To reality: Kobe needs help in a big way. He now understands that he's not a singular force that can will wins like he once thought. I don't know if Jason Kidd's the answer, but Garnett is a possibility for success. As a forward, Garnett will control an area of the court that Kobe doesn't, unlike Kidd, who'll be battling Kobe for shots from the back court.

Either way, Kobe needs support, but is REALLY willing to share the limelight?

Its finally looking like spring

After a long winter of snow and cold condititons its finally starting to look warm for a while now.  When PSU gets nice out it seems like everyone is in a great mood, and I know everyone loves the warm weather, when its nice out you walk around campus everyone is outside enjoying the beautiful weather.  Weather your throwing a baseball with a couple of your buddies or your just setting outside enjoying the fresh air. Well i hope this beautiful weather stays with us.

Another great performance for Beckett

Josh Beckett for the Boston Red Sox is 6-0 as a starter this season for the sox.  He is the first player since Roger Clemens in Red Sox history to start the season 6-0.  Beckkett tonight had 7 strike outs gave up 6 hits and didnt have any walks.  All of his pitches were working tonight he had a good brake on his curveball that he was just fooling the hitters with it.  The sox have a great pitching staff with a lot of depth and with good pitching we know how far you can get in the playoffs, so I hope the sox keep it up.

Spring Fling

Spring Fling!!! The biggest event at Plymouth state.  Drop Kick Murphys is coming to town this saturday night.  They are a punk rock Irish band.  Spring fling is filled with different events on and off campus such as battle of the bands and the winner of that gets to play the opening act at the concert on Saturday. This should be a fun filled event for the PSU staff and students.