Gator Nation

Once again the Flordia Gators have repeated not just two baseketball championships, but a football one too.  A college basketball team has not repeated since the 1991, 1992 Duke Blue Devils.  Last night the Gators played the Ohio State Buckeyes for the national championship, what is always kind of cool is that they played them in football for the national championship too.  The Gators dominated the whole game, Ohio State in the second could hit the big three, and the Gators were just pounding them with threes and offensive rebounds, Ohio State couldn't get a break, just like the football the Gators came out on top for there back to back national championship in college basketball.

2 thoughts on “Gator Nation

  1. Yea it is crazy that the Gators have won 2 basketball and one football national championship in a row, it's becoming a college dynasty. Something that I have never seen before!!!!

  2. Ketch,
    I am not in favor of the Florida Gators winning the National Championship for the 2nd straight year. They dominated the college football and season and the college basketball season. I am sick of hearing how good the Florida Gators are. I have a friend who is a Gators fan and he can not stop talking about them. Maybe I am a little jealous that his teams are winning and mine are not but hopefully that will turn around in the next couple of years.

    Now, don't get me wrong I respect the Florida Gators programs because the basketball coach (Billy Donavon) played at Providence College. He also is a very good coach as well and I respect what he has done for the University of Florida. I just hate when a college team repeats as National Champions, I just want to see different teams win the Championship every year.

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