Raise in Gas prices

Gasoline prices out west are at 3$ a gallon and are expect to go up with the spring on its way.  With gas prices going would you consider walking or even get bike and ride to were ever you have to go to save money with prices so high?  Me personally I would definitely  watch my gas miles this summer when I get my car back.  A lot of people who dealing with this problem right now have stop driving there so called gas guzzling cars.  I think is going to cause a big issue if these kinds of prices make it towards the east coast, and a lot of people are going to be real up set with this issue.  It kind of makes you think what is going on in the world for this kind of thing to happen.  Some people might consider getting different vechiles that have better gas mileage or even switch over to hybrid vechiles to save money this is a big issue for some people.  Also your going to have to work longer days and more hours to put gas in a car.  How do you fell about this situation?