Jet Blue

After the big Valentines day storm Jet Blue Cancled over 1,000 flights to many different destinations.  A lot of customers were really upset about this whole situation.  People were showing up to the airport having no idea that Jet Blue cancled all of there flights.  Some people were waiting over ten hours to wait to get on there flight and head to there destination.  My parents are with jet blue and dont wanna deal with what happen on valtenines day to them.  How would you feel if this happen to you?  Me personally I would be real up set if I was put in that situation. If Jet Blue was more orgainzed with this situation things would have gone much smoother for them and there customers.  After this whole situation Jet Blue is going to loose a lot of customers after this whole situation a lot of customer are upset.  

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  1. If I were one of the passengers on Jet Blue, I would be just as upset as everyone else. I don't understand why the Jet Blue corporation didn't bring to the customer's attention that their flights were no longer running. Jet Blue has commercials for being one of the best airliners in regards to customer service, the organizational skills must have had an off week. However, a few days later, the news covered the scandal and informed us that all Jet Blue customers were reimbursed for their tickets. Not that the reimbursements are going to ease their customer's minds about picking Jet Blue for a future airline, but atleast it is a start.

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