The big snow storm

Everyone is talking about this big snow storm that we got on Valentines Day. Before the storm hit people were saying that it’s supposed to be the Valentines Day blizzard, and any time snow comes people tend to get real excited. Will school be closed? How much snow are we supposed to get? And also that it is first big snow storm of the year. Wednesday is winter carnival day to so this means that anyone who skies or snowboards will be at Loon, Cannon, or

Valley. When I woke up on Wednesday morning I looked out my window around 10 AM and there probably were 6 in of snow and it was coming down hard. That day I headed to

Mountain, it probably took us 45 minutes to get there and it usually takes 20 minutes to get there on a regular day. The highways were really bad it was covered in snow and you could only see a mile a head of you. When we finally got there it was the best snowboarding of the year there fresh powder and the snow was really coming down up there. When I got back the next big question is will there be class on Thursday, there was class but if you had class before 1100 you had no class. This was a really fun day and we ended up with 18' in of some good snow, they only thing bad was we missed this class.

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  1. Hi Tgketchum,
    I know what you mean On the days leading up to January 13th, 2008; model guidance was showing the potential for a major snow storm to hit the New York City metropolitan area with accumulations of over 6 inches of snow. However, by night of January 13th, 2008; the actual precipitation was rain and plenty of busted forecasts. What happened to the snow? Did meteorologist miss something? Could something have been overlooked? I'll examine exactly what happened and give my thoughts on the overall forecast.
    I'll be back to read more next time

  2. Dear Tgketchum,
    Interesting Thoughts Winter can immobilize us! When flights are cancelled because and streets are blocked because of snow banks, it doesn't matter what is booked on the calendar. We are forced to stay where we are and cancel plans.

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