Jet Blue

After the big Valentines day storm Jet Blue Cancled over 1,000 flights to many different destinations.  A lot of customers were really upset about this whole situation.  People were showing up to the airport having no idea that Jet Blue cancled all of there flights.  Some people were waiting over ten hours to wait to get on there flight and head to there destination.  My parents are with jet blue and dont wanna deal with what happen on valtenines day to them.  How would you feel if this happen to you?  Me personally I would be real up set if I was put in that situation. If Jet Blue was more orgainzed with this situation things would have gone much smoother for them and there customers.  After this whole situation Jet Blue is going to loose a lot of customers after this whole situation a lot of customer are upset.  

The big snow storm

Everyone is talking about this big snow storm that we got on Valentines Day. Before the storm hit people were saying that it’s supposed to be the Valentines Day blizzard, and any time snow comes people tend to get real excited. Will school be closed? How much snow are we supposed to get? And also that it is first big snow storm of the year. Wednesday is winter carnival day to so this means that anyone who skies or snowboards will be at Loon, Cannon, or

Valley. When I woke up on Wednesday morning I looked out my window around 10 AM and there probably were 6 in of snow and it was coming down hard. That day I headed to

Mountain, it probably took us 45 minutes to get there and it usually takes 20 minutes to get there on a regular day. The highways were really bad it was covered in snow and you could only see a mile a head of you. When we finally got there it was the best snowboarding of the year there fresh powder and the snow was really coming down up there. When I got back the next big question is will there be class on Thursday, there was class but if you had class before 1100 you had no class. This was a really fun day and we ended up with 18' in of some good snow, they only thing bad was we missed this class.

Introduction of Taylor Ketchum

Hi, my name is Taylor Ketchum and am from
Fairhaven, Ma. Currently am a Sophomore At Plymouth State The reason i came to Plymouth State was I like the environment of being in the mountains and I just had a good feeling about coming to the school.  Different activities that I like to participate in, is snowboarding, basketball, and baseball.  Currently I'm playing baseball for
Plymouth am pitcher for the team. In conclusion Am really excited about learn different ways to make a website and to communicate with my classmates about different topics.